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BruMate Juggernaut Beverage Holder

BruMate Juggernaut Beverage Holder

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Bigger is better with The Hopsulator Juggernaut. The world's first and only insulated can-cooler for your 24/25oz tall boys and bombers, designed to keep them perfectly chilled until the very last drop. 20X colder than standard can-coolers, ice-cold guaranteed, and no condensation. The BevGuard™ ensures every drop is just as cold as the first with zero condensation while Push-Lock™ Technology makes inserting and removing your cans a breeze.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 7 3/8 " x 3.46 " x 7 3/8 "
  • Screw off top for easy can release

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